2008.11.17 KLCI finally stoped at the low of 801.27. It looks like she will hold at this level for the time being. Any droping below the low will see a further selling pressure. I am getting ready to buy when the previous month high is violated.

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2008.10.18 It is hard to decide what do to at this point, KLCI (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) together with the rest of the world stock markets plunged to 3 years low (40% from the high of 1524.69 to current 905.23).
I provide with the monthly chart below to let you to get some idea of where we are now.

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As we can see that the index is now close to the support level of 883 registered in 30 June 2006. As far as I am concerned, the market will stablize around this area couple with the reason of the finanacial intervention of the governments around the world.

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