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I have divided the 'Market Views' into three categories namely KLSE Future Index, CPO Futures and Malaysia Stock Market ( Bursa Malaysia ).And my 'Ideas' includes Trading and Investing.I hope you find them useful.Feel free to give your opinion or suggestion.

MACD Divergent Stock Watch

(28 Sept 2013) There are counters we can accumulate for short term trade based on MACD Divergent Theory :

GLBHD 7382 Golden Land Berhad

KPJ 5878 KPJ Healthcare Berhad

YTL 4677 YTL Corporation Berhad

Watch List

(11 April 2013 ) I added the followings :

(10 April 2013) I found some potential bottom stocks :


6.QL (12 April 2013 : Cancel this stock due to Live Stock Counter)

FAVCO 7229 - My Newly Discover Company

(11 March 2013) I found this company Yesterday, FAVELLE FAVCO BHD (Stock Code 7229) which is dealing with providing cranes services for constructing high raise building and oil rigs.
Favco was found where back in 1923 and was listed at Bursa Malaysia in 2006. It has growth ever since.

My Take :
1. It is a well known company world wide
2. The earning has been growing
3. They have a consistent dividend pay out policy with 'an increasing rate'

This is the kind of company I should be looking at when it comes to owning a share long term. I mean really long term like years or decades.

KLCI & FKLI High Potential To Reverse

(1 Nov 2012) FKLI closed at 1672 and I closed the position at break even point of 1673. (This is a paper trade for now). One point for commission.

(29 Oct 2012) There is high chance that KLCI and FKLI will head for correction given that KLCI formed a "Dark Cloud Cover" Candle Stick Pattern and FKLI experienced 5 White Candle in a row.

Getting Ready For KLCI To Turn Bearish

(26 July 2012) KLCI closed at 1623.91 today. Technically speaking, there is no confirmation on the down side market (bearish market) since technical analysis of Mychart only appears a 'Sell_Standby' (the red line).

Back Testing Of Mychart Method

( 22 July 2012 ) It is important to do back testing on whatever the method or system were introduced to us before actually putting our money on the line even if they were claimed to be good.
I will back test the latest method I was introduced; MyChart Charting Software with specially designed technical analysis.
Give me some time, I will present the report. Just wait and see!
(Note: I want to see how it will perform during the sideways market. Almost all indicators work well during trending market, sideways does kill.)

CPO Turned Bearish Yesterday Based On Mychart

( 19 July 2012 ) CPO Oct 2012 Future Contract turned bearish yesterday (18 July 2012) and closed at 2994.
I am not sure if this indicator work for deciding on trades; buying and selling in the long run.
Let's paper trade now and see.
I will assume I short 1 contract at 2994 ; the closing price.

FKLI Is Still Bullish

( 8 July 2012 ) I am not sure what is the next for FKLI. As long as it is still a buy signal based on mychart method, I will stay as long (1581 on 30 May 2012, the closing price). Please refer to chart for details.


(30 Jan 2012) I attached herewith KLCI Top 40 most active counters for reference.

KNM: We could wait for correction and accumulate near the support line; RM 1.04 (It closed at RM 1.13).

ZELAN: It is a break up.
Action: We could accumulate during correction near RM 0.365 (It closed at RM 0.435).

PUNCAK: It is a break up too just like ZELAN.
Action: Accumulate at a) RM 1.25 b) RM 1.08 or c) RM between RM 1.08 & RM 1.25.